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Business Analysis Training for “Anyone Wearing the Business Analysis Hat!”Business Analysis Training For Anyone Wearing the BA Hat

Requirements define future Information Technology (IT) solutions and “the one wearing the business analysis hat” defines the requirements. Business and stakeholder requirements, user stories, use cases, process diagrams, or data models are all formats for expressing effective requirements.

Successful organizations recognize the pivotal importance of high-quality requirements for getting IT solutions that meet the business need. BA-EXPERTS offers a blended training curriculum for building business analysis skills. Everyone has a preferred learning style and we deliver business analysis training that fits each style.

What is Business Analysis?

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never know when you get it. Requirements define what you want and Business Analysis is a set of tools and techniques for discovering, capturing, analyzing, and managing requirements that define the desired future of your project and organization.

Missing and misunderstood requirements are the number one cause of IT project failure! That makes Business Analysis a survival skill in our ever-changing business and regulatory environment.

Common BA Techniques

The person “wearing the BA hat” needs a wide variety of skills and abilities to ensure that the requirements they define are the right requirements for their project and their organization.

Common Business Analysis techniques include Requirement Elicitation, Process and Data Modeling, Requirements Writing, Requirements Prioritization, Requirements Communication, Meeting Management, Facilitation, Requirements Validation.

Who Does Business Analysis?

Everyone involved in defining the future of IT projects and the organization does! Regardless of your title or pay grade, you can benefit from business analysis skills.

This applies in particular to Product Owners on Agile teams, Project Managers, Line Managers, Subject Matter Experts (SME) on IT projects, CEOs, COOs CFOs, CIOs, and all decision makers, and (of course) Professional Business Analysts