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Agile Requirements:
How to Write Good User Stories

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30 Responses to “FREE Business Analysis Training KnowledgeKnuggets™”

  1. Greeshma Varghese says:


    I have two years of experience in the IT industry as a software developer. I would like to get into a BA role. Is MBA or 5-6 years of work experience a mandate to get into this?

    Greeshma Varghese

  2. Niranjan says:

    Im Studying 12th Standard at now
    can I Make My Life as B.A with My 10 Th standard Qualification
    is it possible to do B.A

    Plz tell Me what I want to do next plz tell me any free courses is their to Know about Business Analyst
    Because My Family is too poor
    so plz tell me the full details..!

  3. Bhargavi says:


    I am so interested in pursuing my career as BA in IT industry. Could you please suggest me related videos or docs required? Will the knowledge be counted when I face an interview? Is there a certificate or course from authorised and recognised learning centres that I need to acquire?

    Please help me in clarifying the doubts

  4. sumanth says:

    Hi, I am sumanth

    I am MBA marketing post graduate

    Has 4years of experience as Business development Executive.

    I would like to know will Business analyst module suits my career.

  5. cephas says:

    lam interested in the full scholarship and the course that you are offering

  6. Sabitha says:

    Hello Tom..

    Actually i have interest in doing BA. i have done my Masters and after that for last 3 years i am working as a recruiter like analysing resumes and shortlisting. Please suggest me further steps like is this the right way to get into BA and how imp is that for me to go to training


  7. Vruta says:

    Hello, I am an IT graduate and currently persuading MBA in IT Business Management. BA role is where I look forward as my career. I would like to know can I get some online certifications or exams for BA role, which can add-on to my profile.

  8. Shariq says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am having 6 years of experience in sales profile in which around 3 years into IT Sales and having a Technical degree as well (B.Tech in Information Technology).

    I have a keen interest in Business Analyst profile, please suggest the training course basis on my experience.



  9. Omkar Patwardhan says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have 6 yrs + experience in banking, majorly forex and corporate salary. Recently I have joined one IT firm as BA, but I have not done any course as such. I have also done my MBA.

    Also I finding it slightly difficult, since working culture/environment is completely different. My question is does technical knowledge is compulsory for performing BA role…?

    Request you to help me with some kind of online course.


    • Tom Hathaway says:

      As a general rule, you do not need technical knowledge to perform business analysis activities. It does, however, depend on your specific job description as every organization does not use the job title Business Analyst uniformly. In some organizations, the BA comes from the IT side and takes the position previously called “System Analyst”. In those organizations, the BA needs technical knowledge to survive. Our eBook Business Analysis Defined will give you a much better idea as to the responsibilities of the typical BA role and responsibilities. You can use that knowledge to defend your position against your colleagues and peers.

      Thanks for visiting our website!
      Tom Hathaway

  10. Riya says:


    I am Riyaa.. I am from India. I have taken all most 12 years to complete my engineering due to family pressures. I am right now 29 can u suggest me that doing MS in Businnes analyst will it help boost my career level if i score good in BA. I am very independent gal and wanna live abroad. How can you help me choose the route for BA

  11. Nijeesh says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have 9 years of experience in Banking industry mainly focused on compliance & Forex. Now am trying for a BA role in a Financial Consulting Firm. I do not have any prior experience in BA but have a basic knowledge. Is it compulsory to go for a BA training & then try for a BA role in Consulting firm.
    Please assist me.

    Thank You.

    • Tom Hathaway says:

      Obviously, I do not know the requirements of the specific consulting firm with whom you would work. Generally speaking, the financial industry is very interested in certification (e.g., CBAP from the IIBA). In most industries, it suffices if you can prove that you can talk the talk AND walk the walk. Our free videos can help you with the prior, only training/mentoring and doing will get you to the second. You might start off by taking our Business Analysis Skills Evaluationto get a feel for how you can express your experience in BA terms.

      Hope this helps and I wish you success in your endeavors.

      Tom Hathaway

  12. Marion says:

    Hi Tom…thank you for your videos! I am a Business Analyst – Virtual – I use your videos as a refresher course! Your videos has helped me out tremendously, on my job!!

    Keep up the great work!


  13. Anand says:

    I am having arnd 8+yrs of exp in software development and recently I completed my ex-MBA in general mgmt and Wanted to move to Business role side….so my company is offering me a BA role? Shld I go for it?

    • Tom Hathaway says:


      The role of BA is very different from that of the developer. It can be a difficult switch because the BA deals primarily in uncertainty while developers need concrete direction to write software. It is your choice as to whether the BA role feels right for you.


  14. Bav says:

    Hi – I’m new to IT dusytry and would like to get in to BA role. I have done MBA, is there anything you will help me out for taining?
    – bav

  15. Mashonda says:

    I am new to becoming a business analyst. I am a project manager with not a lot of IT experience what do you suggest?

  16. Jhoanna Jones says:

    Greetings Tom,
    I would like to thank you for the great youtube videos and help you provide to all BA students.
    The reason for this message is to find out if you can also help college students with their business case analysis. I was assigned a business case, but most of my schooling is done online and fee I could use some guidance on this project. Please email or call me and let me know if this is possible.
    Jhoanna Jones

    • Tom Hathaway says:


      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service.

      Tom Hathaway

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