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State-of-the-art and evolving tips, techniques and insights to improve your business analysis outcomes whether your IT group speaks Agile, Waterfall, or Iterative SDM.

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The Elusive Dream of Good Requirements
August 19, 2014

Requirements define the future state that someone would like to experience. The problem with requirements is whether the person who wrote them and the people reading them share a common understanding.

Writing Better Requirements in Plain English
May 13, 2014

Despite significant advances in technology and software delivery methodologies, getting the IT folks to understand what the business community needs is still the number one challenge to IT projects. This enlightening and entertaining "intellimated" video course offers a set of 3 simple rules for getting better requirements earlier. The course includes specific, hands-on exercises that allow you to try out the presented ideas and get instant feedback on your results.

What Is Business Process Analysis for Requirements Discovery
April 8, 2014

Analyzing a Business Process Model uncovers problems and identifies potential solution requirements. You need to know what the different types of diagrams express and how to analyze each.

How to Become a Business Analyst
March 26, 2014

We often receive requests from people seeking advice on how to become a business analyst. Like any field, breaking into business analysis is a non-trivial […]

How to Do Business Analysis in an Agile Environment
March 11, 2014

Leveraging Business/Stakeholder/Solution Requirements and User Stories to Define Your IT Solutions Course Duration: 3 days Onsite, Instructor-led Price (continental US) $15,025/16 participants.

A Proof of Concept: Business Analysis works – part 3 and final
March 9, 2014

… continued from Part 2 When we arrived in Tampa, we followed a time-honored approach to assessing a potential new home (one lesson learned from […]

A Proof of Concept: Business Analysis Techniques Work – Part 2
February 25, 2014

… continued from part 1: The only unanswered question was to where. The methodology we were following indicated that we should first define our requirements […]

A Proof of Concept: Business Analysis Techniques Work – Part 1
February 11, 2014

I recently posted a blog in which I proposed that business analysis skills could benefit anyone, in their private as well as their professional life. […]

Do Your Requirements Suffer from GIGO?
January 28, 2014

I recently recognized that we who wear the Business Analysis hat are actually in the garbage business. This may sound controversial on the face of […]

eBook: 5 Rules for Writing Effective User Stories
January 28, 2014

User Stories are a great method for expressing stakeholder requirements. This eBook targets business professionals who are involved with an IT project, Product Owners in charge of managing a backlog, or Business Analysts working with an Agile team.

eBook: Business Analysis Defined
January 27, 2014

As experienced business analysis consultants and instructors, the authors provide insight into this fast-growing field by explaining the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational business analysis. To further clarify what the “norm” in the field is, this eBook answers what practitioners really do and what business analysis techniques people use most often when they are the one “wearing the BA hat”. Due to the increasing popularity of the “Agile” revolution, the authors also include guidance on how software development methodologies impact the business analysis responsibility.

Business Analysis Skills for Everyday Life
January 14, 2014

You can benefit from business analysis skills regardless of your profession or personal situation. Five hard-core BA techniques that you can easily adopt in your private life.

Requirements Prioritization: Two Simple Techniques
August 20, 2013

Needs-based requirements prioritization assess the business value of requirements expressed as simple statements, user stories, or in any other form. The release-based technique focuses on the project schedule.

Business Analysis: Job Title or Role?
August 14, 2013

Who Does Business Analysis? I have been teaching and doing business analysis for more years than business analysis exists as a job title. The participants’ […]

The End of Business Analysis?
August 6, 2013

Business analysis as a profession might be at risk. Business analysis as a critical function within any organization is a crucial activity that has to be done by someone wearing the BA hat.

Developing and Using System and Detailed Use Cases
July 20, 2013

Techniques for Identifying, Capturing, and Modeling Use Cases for the IT Community Course Duration: 7 hours hours Web-delivered, Instructor-led Pricing: $795/person.

Non-Functional Requirements Add Value to User Stories (Part 5)
July 10, 2013

This KnowledgeKnugget(tm) presents 8 examples of typical non-functional requirements that should be part of your user stories.

FAST TRACK to Building Business Analysis Skills
July 2, 2013

Building business analysis skills in a hurry is a challenge. Our proprietary skill-building process flattens the learning curve and builds the business analysis skills you need, whether you are a business analyst or simply "someone wearing the BA hat".


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      Amazing content and even better delivery, the class blew me away. Great class!
      Course: How to Plan, Prepare, and Manage Acceptance Testing
      What made this facilitator effective is his knowledge and his ability to clearly explain concepts!
      Course: How to Write Requirements
      WOW! Very clear depictions and explanations!
      Course: How to Write Requirements
      Tom was a WONDERFUL instructor. He is very knowledgeable, extremely thorough in explaining detail and answering our questions. He used a simple example in explaining things to allow you to relate the importance of the topic at hand.
      Course: How to Define and Document Use Cases
      What made this facilitator effective is his knowledge and his ability to clearly explain concepts!
      Course: How to Write Requirements
      I was not sure what to expect, but I came out with a much better understanding of writing business requirements. I would highly recommend this session.
      Course: How to Write Requirements
      What made this facilitator effective is his knowledge and his ability to clearly explain concepts!
      How to Write Requirements
      Jean-Paul was very clear, concise and thorough in his presentation of the subject. The extra time he took to explain things really was an asset to ensure I gained the knowledge I needed to fully comprehend the subject.
      Course: How to Define and Document Use Cases

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