Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World – Simply Put!

Helping Product Owners and Business-side Teams Discover and Write Requirements, User Stories, Features, Acceptance Tests, Scenarios, and Examples

Training for “Anyone Wearing the Business Analysis Hat!”Business Analysis Training For Anyone Wearing the BA Hat

Requirements define future Information Technology (IT) solutions and “the one wearing the business analysis hat” defines the requirements. Business and stakeholder requirements, user stories, use cases, process diagrams, or data models are all formats for expressing effective requirements.

Successful organizations recognize the pivotal importance of high-quality requirements for getting IT solutions that meet the business need. BA-EXPERTS offers a blended training curriculum for building business analysis skills. Everyone has a preferred learning style and we deliver business analysis training that fits each style.

Lean Business Analysis

Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Continuous Integration do not change the need for good business analysis. The underlying philosophies of Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), and/or Software by Example (SBE) do, however, affect the WHO, the WHEN, and the HOW of defining what the business community needs and wants.

Modern BA Techniques

New concepts such as Vision Statements, Features, User Stories, Epics, Scenarios, and Examples replace conventional requirement statements and significantly reduce the miscommunication that has haunted IT projects for decades. ATDD, BDD, and/or SBE define tests as the ultimate requirements and mandate the creation of acceptance test scenarios before development starts.

Who Does Business Analysis?

To deliver test scenarios independent of the code, many organizations now create Business – or Customer-Side Teams staffed with SMEs, business analysts and testers. These teams are tasked with creating acceptance test scenarios needed to drive ATDD, BDD, and SBE development. These folks need a combination of solid business analysis and testing skills specifically designed to support modern software development approaches.