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Business Analysis is the process of defining User Requirements and it is evolving rapidly. User Stories, Epics and Features replace requirement statements. Scenarios and Examples replace test cases. The timing of activities is shifting like sand.

LEAN requirements are a critical success factor for business agility. Applying LEAN principles to the discovery and analysis of business needs allows you to focus on product features that you need NOW.

Build expertise in your Business Analysis and Technical teams. Empower them to eliminate waste in the requirements discovery process by learning best practice methods, techniques, and competencies.

Featured Course 

Getting and Writing IT Requirements
in a Lean and Agile World

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Overview: LEAN Business Analysis
for Agile Teams

High Praise from Our Students

The virtual training sessions I attended far exceeded my expectations and were more useful than many of the onsite trainings I have attended throughout my career.

The instructor is amazing. The class is very informative. I will be taking more classes from this instructor.

Although I wouldn't consider myself a dedicated Business Analyst or even particularly advanced in my experience, the course was still well suited for my understanding. K.

This particular class is already delivering first-rate value as relevant to Business Analysts at my level. With its basis in the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the associated Bus. Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK), it ties in very neatly with the Project Mgmt. Institute (PMI) program which I’ve been involved with.

Very informative, with loads of exercises to help in understanding. Excellent delivery and good emphasis on Given, When, Then (Gherkin). In fact it's so good and packed with examples that I need to re-visit again.

I cannot say enough good things about this course - it opened my eyes to many ideas, methodologies and frameworks and has given me a lot of ideas that I can begin to implement right away.

Start Your Business Analysis Career Now!

Job Descriptions Vary

Most jobs have a clear, specific job description and career path. However, the Business Analyst for IT career path tends to vary, as do the descriptions from job to job. Beginning Business Analysts usually have either a strong business background or extensive IT knowledge.

BA’s Need a Large Set of Skills

Today’s Business Analysts, or anyone tasked with defining business requirements for IT, must wear many hats. They need skills to communicate, mediate, facilitate, investigate, and analyze the needs of their organization.

Types of IT Requirements

Anyone defining requirements for an IT solution needs a bag of techniques to discover and analyze the requirements a solution developer needs. User Stories, Lean Use Cases, Business and Stakeholder requirements, Process and Workflow Models, or Data Models are all formats for expressing effective requirements.

Learning Business Analysis using the 70/20/10 Rule


Audio-Visual Learning

10% of things you learn, your brain takes in by either reading/listening (audio) or by observing (visual) input.

We have your audio-visual learning needs covered! We deliver business analysis training in KnowledgeKnuggets™, through Online or Onsite, exercise-rich Instructor-Led Training, as eBooks sold by, and in selfpaced, interactive eCourses for the Business Analyst. Easy, convenient, anywhere!


Learning From Feedback

20% of skills you acquire, you get by trying a technique and getting feedback from qualified experts. Our Online or Onsite, exercise-laden Instructor-Led Business Analysis Training and interactive eCourses give you ample opportunities to test your understanding of Business Analysis best practices. Even our self-paced exercises give you feedback!


Learning by Doing

70% of a new skill comes from doing it and solving real-life problems in real-time situations. We support you on-the-job with business analysis coaching and mentoring by business analysis experts who have been-there, done-that more times than many care to admit. Our goal is to support you in your quest for improving your business analysis skills to whatever level is right for you.

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