My apologies to our readers. Somehow this series got lost in miscommunication. I promised you all 6 parts of the presentation to the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis TM) Cincinnati Chapter and the Bluegrass IIBA® Chapter last summer and we published only two of them. Sometimes things slip through the cracks (which we are now fixing by delivering part 3). Our apologies for keeping you in suspense for so long.

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About Part 3: The purpose of tactical business analysis is to ensure effective communication between those affected by a software change (typically the business community) and those responsible for instigating the change (typically the IT group). This video explains typical outcomes of Tactical Business Analysis and common business analysis techniques used at that level.

If you are interested in learning the presented business analysis techniques, check out our self-paced, online course Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World.

Tactical Business Analysis is the responsibility of Product Owners, business-side teams, project managers, and sometimes even business analysts. People who do not have a “business analyst” title often perform this function. The person wearing the business analysis hat (Business Analyst, Product Owner, SME, Project Manager, and a slew of other titles) maintains a backlog of Stakeholder Requirements (most often in the form of User Stories in Agile environments). Together with the business side team, they are responsible for preparing User Stories and other forms of requirements for the development team as needed. Collectively, their ability to perform effective business analysis activities is one of the primary determinants of product success.

Read the overview of the 6-part Presentation presented to the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis TM) Cincinnati Chapter and the Bluegrass IIBA® Chapter.

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