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Miyuki Masuda Training Director, Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE
“…, having completed the massive 2-month business analysis training marathon for 120 participants, each attending 5 days. I’m grateful that everything went well, and that Dan was able to deliver all classes… [the participants] …talked about the well-structured, well-thought-through training contents. We find that your course was not one of those mass products quickly put together, but it was like an old tree grown with authenticity and experience. For those keen to learn, there was a lot to discover. They returned to their jobs with courage to try new techniques, and daring to ask questions where needed.”
Deborah Project Manager
“… This business analysis training was extremely helpful. It tied in excellently with what I’ve acquired so far from the IIBA® and the BABOK®. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a dedicated Business Analyst or even particularly advanced in my experience, the course was still well suited for my understanding. It was a pleasant surprise for me that this business analysis training provided me with useful tools and information in problem areas for me that I did not realize were either the cause or effect of my requirements management difficulties. I’m definitely looking forward to applying some of these concepts as well as looking forward to my next course.”

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Learning Business Analysis using the 70/20/10 Rule


Audio-Visual Learning

10% of things you learn, your brain takes in by either reading/listening (audio) or by observing (visual) input.

We have your audio-visual learning needs covered! We deliver business analysis training in KnowledgeKnuggets™, through Online or Onsite, exercise-rich Instructor-Led Training, as eBooks sold by, and in selfpaced, interactive eCourses for the Business Analyst. Easy, convenient, anywhere!


Learning From Feedback

20% of skills you aquire, you get by trying a technique and getting feedback from qualified experts.

Our Online or Onsite, exercise-laden Instructor-Led Business Analysis Training and interactive eCourses give you ample opportunities to test your understanding of Business Analysis best practices. Even our self-paced exercises give you feedback!


Learning by Doing

70% of a new skill comes from doing it and solving real-life problems in real-time situations.

We support you on-the-job with eMentoring and/or eCoaching by business analysis experts who have been-there, done-that more times than many care to admit. Our goal is to support you in your quest for improving your business analysis skills to whatever level is right for you.