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Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway

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Kick-start Your Business Analysis Career

As of 2017, business analyst is one of the 15 fastest growing professions in the United States! According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), American employers will need 876,000 business analysis related professionals by 2020 (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections Program).

In addition, whenever you are engaged in determining the features of a proposed IT solution, you are “the one wearing the Business Analysis hat” even if you do not have the job title Business Analyst.

We wrote the books in this set for both of those audiences, those who want to become business analysts and those who just want to know how to “wear the business analysis hat”. By grasping these core Business Analysis (BA) concepts and skills, you can contribute significantly to successful IT projects regardless what your job title is.

These books provide you with a set of business analysis tools that will enable you to:

  • help business clients articulate their needs and wants regarding proposed IT applications;
  • document those wants and needs clearly, concisely, and completely as requirements, user stories, or in other formats; and
  • verify that those requirements are implemented in the delivered solution.

This collection of our published books is for anyone who recognizes how business analysis skills give them a head start for their next job (whatever it might be!). Although these books provide value in any sequence, the recommended reading order is:

  1. Business Analysis Defined for an introduction to the fascinating field of business analysis
  2. Writing Effective User Stories if you are working in an Agile environment
  3. How to Write Effective Requirements for IT – Simply Put! for strategic business analysis or projects following traditional approaches
  4. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements – Simply Put! will guide anyone involved in expressing what they need a proposed application to deliver
  5. Requirements Elicitation Techniques for those tasked with getting requirements from other stakeholders
  6. Requirements Elicitation Interviews and Workshops – Simply Put! for the full-time business analyst
  7. Data Flow Diagrams – Simply Put! for a simple technique for process and workflow visualization

The presented set of techniques gives you a solid foundation for building up a cadre of business analysis skills that will help you in your professional and personal spheres.

NOTE: If you prefer interactive training, We also teach all of these techniques in our self-paced, online eCourses with the same titles as each listed book.

Learn More Business Analysis Skills by:

  • Looking at our extensive course library for onsite or online instructor-led business analysis training.
  • Taking one or more of our virtual training courses (these primarily focus on the business analyst career development, but learning new skills has seldom hurt anyone).
  • Checking out relevant FREE KnowledgeKnuggets™ and explainer videos.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this collection. We appreciate any comments, suggestions, recommended improvements, or complaints that you care to share with us. You can reach us via email at

Additional information

About the Authors

Angela and Tom Hathaway have authored and delivered hundreds of training courses and publications for business analysts around the world. They have facilitated hundreds of requirements discovery sessions for information technology projects under a variety of acronyms (JAD, ASAP, JADr, JRP, etc.).
Based on their personal journey and experiences reported by their students, they recognized how much anyone can benefit from a basic understanding of what is currently called “business analysis”. Their mission is to allow everyone, anywhere access to simple, easy-to-learn techniques by sharing their experience and expertise in their training seminars, blogs, books, and public presentations.


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